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Keeping Your Pet Comfy

Surgery and Pain Control

While it can sometimes appear that animals tolerate pain better than we do, it is also obvious that they feel pain to the same degree. Equally, anything that we would imagine to be painful to us, will be equally as painful to them. Just because they do not display as much discomfort as we do, does not mean they do not feel it as acutely. This is why it is important not to assume that animals are not pained by injuries and surgery.

This is why we at Penrith Veterinary Hospital insist that all patients undergoing surgery or suffering any injury be administered pain relieving medications.

All animals at Penrith Veterinary Hospital are administered pain relieving medications before surgery to stop the 'pain cycle' from beginning. For most procedures, pain relief during (as an infusion) and after the procedure are also given.

Advance techniques such as nerve blocks are use routinely now for some procedures to further reduce any discomfort from procedures.

It is very important for you also to monitor your pet for signs of pain. These may include:

  • decreased appetite
  • lethargy
  • crying / yelping
  • salivation
  • reluctance to be touched

All animals differ in their pain tolerance. If your pet does appear painful after injury, during sickness, or after surgery, it is very important that we be contacted immediately. There are many very safe and effective medications that can be used to help your pet during these times.