02 4721 5494

22 Belmore Street, Penrith

Penrith Veterinary Hospital


For emergencies 7 days/week call: 02 4721 5494


While we have special hours to consult the vet, if you have an emergency we will always arrange to have a vet see you as soon as possible. This can be facilitated by calling us first to let us know that you are coming and giving us an approximate time of arrival. If you are unsure if your pets' needs are urgent, please call and we can advise you as to the best course of action.

After Hours

(Mon - Fri: 7.30pm - 8.30am / Sat : 12noon - 10.00am Sunday, Sun: 12noon - 8.30am Monday)

There is ALWAYS a veterinarian contactable at all times of the evening. We have recently adopted the 24 hour services of the nearby Nepean Animal Hospital who will care for your pets outside of our normal hours. After the emergency treatment we can then transport your pet back to Penrith Veterinary Hospital so that your normal vet can continue to treat your pet and advise you best of your pet's care. 

Call 47215494 to be directed to the Nepean Emergency Centre.