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Penrith Veterinary Hospital


Emu PLains Vet, Dr. Matthew Churchill Doubles his Penrith Practice to Improve Vet Care Services

Penrith Veterinary Hospital, owned by Emu Plains vet husband and wife team, Matthew and Sally Churchill, has been providing veterinary care to the greater Penrith region for over 40 years. The practice has grown from being a simple one vet practice into a seven vet practice it is today.

Matthew states “The practice size was doubled in the year 2000, and we are currently undergoing renovations to double the size of the hospital again”. 

Emu Plains is close to the practice and Penrith Vet Hospital currently sees a lot of clients from the area.

Matthew loves servicing the Emu Plains area, stating that “I thoroughly enjoy being the local Emu Plains vet given the people are genuine and really care for their pets.”

The practice has needed to expand, particularly in light of the extra community work the practice undergoes. This includes caring for local rescue groups, providing low cost care to ensure that rescued pets are rehomed and a kitten rehoming facility, where dozens of kittens are saved from the pound and euthanasia each year.

Apart from working directly with animals, Penrith Vet Hospital also offers local school and TAFE students work experience so that they can gain knowledge of the industry they are considering for their career paths.

Matthew and Sally Churchill, both Sydney University veterinary graduates from 1993, have always had a love for the area, having both worked at Penrith Vet Hospital in 1995 before venturing overseas to the UK for 2 years where they practised around the countryside before returning to Penrith to take over from John Townsend who had been running the practice for 26 years. Sally also grew up nearby in Mulgoa and Glenbrook and worked as a veterinary nurse in the Blue Mountains while at university.

The Churchills two children, Robbie and Anna, are also involved with the vet practice.

“The children regularly help us look after the stray kittens. We decided to keep a little dog called Jamie, who was hit by a car and brought to us by a rescue group – he was far too cute to rehome.”

Matthew treats his staff at Penrith Vet Hospital like a big family too and is extremely proud of their ability to do the hard work and provide genuine care with a smile.

“Helping people to help their pets either when needed or in a preventative sense gives me satisfaction as a veterinarian. There are many fantastic pets with great owners who desperately want to care for them as best as possible, and helping them to do so and seeing their appreciation is what is most satisfying.”

The new Penrith Veterinary Hospital renovations are due to be completed this year in 2013.

For more information, check out the website at www.penrithvet.com.au or phone (02) 4721 5494. Emu Plains vets Matthew and Sally Churchill are more than happy to have new visitors at their Penrith Vet practice at 22 Belmore St, Penrith for a tour.