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Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Test

Preanaesthetic blood tests are tests that are performed before your pet is given anaesthesia. This allows us to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to be safely be anaesthetised, and minimises the innate risk of anaesthesia.

Their function is to reduce the “unknown” when doing something as important as anaesthetising your pet. This reduces the anxiety for you in having to leave your pet, and well as giving us better control of your pet’s wellbeing.When assessing your pet’s safety when discussing anaesthesia, we consider their heart and lung function, kidney function, and liver function to be of paramount importance. Heart and lung function can be assessed through our examination of you pet and by the extensive monitoring equipment that we use when your pet undergoes a procedure. However kidney and liver function can only be assessed adequately via blood testing. This is why we suggest preanaesthetic blood testing for all pets undergoing any procedure.

Preanaesthetic blood tests also provide information about electrolytes (blood salts) that are very important for heart regularity, and diabetes, which, if undetected during anaesthesia, can be dangerous.

Many pets, both young and old, have had their procedures modified or delayed to ensure safety because of information gained by preanaesthetic blood tests. Had tests not be performed, their recovery from anaesthesia would have been jeopardised.

When you bring your pet in to the hospital, you will be asked whether you would like your pet to have preanaesthetic blood tests. The extra cost involved is $98. Please feel free to ask any questions at any time regarding preanaesthetic blood tests.