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Welcome to Penrith Veterinary Hospital

For over 40 years Penrith Veterinary Hospital has been caring for Penrith’s pets and their owners, providing high quality veterinary care to control and prevent illness. From helping farm and companion animals originally when Penrith was more rural to becoming a highly focussed and advanced companion animal hospital in more recent years, the staff at Penrith Veterinary Hospital have always tried to provide a friendly, comprehensive and affordable service to allow people to care for their pets as best as they can.

September 2013 marked the completion of the largest and most significant upgrade to Penrith Veterinary Hospital. Two years of planning, specialist designers and outright hard work have culminated in the creation of our new purpose built hospital facility, whose entire purpose is to make our clients and patients stay with us more comfortable. Cageless and spacious pet accommodation, separate cat, dog, bird and small animal areas, reduced waiting times, separate waiting areas, extended parking and a kids creche have all been created to reduce stress and make your visit to us as easy and simple as possible.


We have seven veterinarians that will provide you not only with their individual experience and knowledge, but collectively, with over 50 years combined experience, the best, safest and quickest means to maintain and restore your pets health. Matthew and Sally Churchill have been at Penrith Vets for over 16 years, bringing new and advanced technologies and techniques to better care for our companions. Our nurses and receptionists are not only caring, dedicated and skilled in providing nursing and veterinary care, they also bring a wealth of experience, combining with over 100 years of veterinary expertise. If you need advice on any component of pet health care, there is no substitute for experience combined with current and up-to-date knowledge. If there is something we can’t provide ourselves, we have access to vast resources to be able to provide whatever care is required.


waiting room    Penrith Veterinary Hospital waiting room

Waiting Room    Penrithvet Waiting room



We have ensured that we have the tools - and the expertise to use them - to be able to provide extensive, rapid and gentle care to your pet. We have ensured that technologies such as ultrasound, digital radiography, digital dental radiography, instant access blood testing, ECG and many others that will give us information without any discomfort to your pet, are available to rapidly clarify and resolve your pets condition. If your companion needs to have a procedure, you can be comforted to know that not only do we implement pain relieving techniques before, during and after all procedures where any discomfort is expected, but your pet will be cared for under anaesthesia by vets and nurses with experience and by technologies designed to minimise risks.

Penrith Vets has always aimed to provide these services in an affordable way. With the corporatisation of some veterinary hospitals more recently, the cost of some services can be extortionate. Penrith Veterinary Hospital is independent and puts your pet first, and will always discuss with you costs and options for helping your pet the best way you can.



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